Onyx Coffee Pure - Cold Brew Coffee - 6 x 750ml

Over five years ago the founding Onyx team were witnessing the rise of the Espresso martini as Australia’s favourite cocktail. And with the demand, came the need for a product that could alleviate espresso batching times.

Pure not only solved this problem, but also delivered a consistent product, free of additives and preservatives. With our team’s background knowledge of Australian coffee culture and the high standards associated – Pure was a no brainer, enticing the Merivale Group to see the opportunity and ride the wave with us.

Obviously the perfect base flavour for an incredible espresso martini, the reality is the quality of the product holds its own neat or on ice. Some even call it the MacGyver of all cold brews, based on its full flavour; clean caffeine hit and versatile disposition.

Shelf-life - 12 weeks under refrigeration.